Top performing Toyota dealers rely on Blueprint® for:

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On-site Search Engine Optimization

+ Enhance your visibility with mobile SEO
+ Gain repeat visits with fresh, relevant content
+ Optimize with meta tags, structured data, and sitemaps

Integrated Inventory Tool

+ Respond to numerous queries
+ Get accurate, real-time search results
+ Update inventory quickly from any device

Content Management System (CMS)

+ Sync website and showroom
+ Pre-schedule content or update on the go
+ Create, update, or revert to previous versions

Measure What Matters™ with UPTRACS®

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Blueprint is backed by the power of UPTRACS, enabling you to optimize any campaign, parse data, and calculate cost-per-lead. Contact Search Optics to see how the analytical precision on UPTRACS and Blueprint will help you measure what matters.

Features include:

  • Real-time measurement – UPTRACS monitors your campaigns and provides performance reporting 24/7.

  • User-friendly dashboard – Our platform generates reports that are intuitive, easy to read, and actionable.

  • Built-in call log – This feature comes standard, with optional recording functionality to keep track of prospects.

  • Conversion dataUsing UPTRACS, you can calculate offline conversion rates for phone calls, e-mails, and forms.

  • Customizable – Our proprietary technology allows for customized KPI implementation and tracking.

  • Accessible – Responsive reports can be accessed anywhere and anytime from any device, including mobile.

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